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Advanced Video Advertising

Artimedia provides end-to-end video advertising solutions that
help advertisers and publishers to achieve the greatest return on their digital
video investments. We combine a premium video ad network with a set of
innovative video ad formats, developed with unique video analysis technology.
The platform is accessible through a self-service online management interface
with targeting, optimization and advanced analysis capabilities for delivering impactful
branding and results.
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Reach more people who are ready to embrace your brand

Reach the right viewers,
pay for nothing else

For the first time on premium video media, you can pay only for interested
and engaged viewers. This fair mechanism guarantees optimal efficiency –
you are only charged for actual results, and get all other impressions for free!

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You’re in control with full clarity
and transparency

Target and manage your campaigns effectively with full
clarity and transparency, with complete insight into where
your ads are running and how well they perform.

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Premium video advertising at its best,
and so much more

Access an exclusive set of high quality, brand-safe
video sites, using a range of innovative and effective
in-stream ad formats that appear/run on premium video content.

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Turning viewers into customers


of all internet users watch video online


Consumers are 27 times more likely to click through online video-ads than standard banners


of internet users remember the video ads they watch online



An average video consumer spends 16 minutes watching video ads each month


Get the power of the premium network, your way

Premium video ad network

Exclusively access the best video inventory from
top premium video publishers, using a range of innovative
and unique linear and in-stream ad formats across desktop and mobile.

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Self-service management

Manage all your video campaigns from a single,
easy to use, self-service interface, with complete control over pricing, targeting and performance, at any time and from anywhere

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Easy to get started

Running video campaigns has never been easier.
Get started right away using your existing video ad creative
and let the platform take care of everything else, including ad serving, CDN, tracking and reporting.

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Drive better results

Harness the power of the network with integrated campaign
optimization across all sites and unique ad formats that
drive higher impact and engagement, to deliver measurable
results your customers will appreciate.

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We partner with you deliver the game-changing online video advertising. We'll help you transform your video advertising experience.

Artimedia's team



Get much more from your existing video assets

Zero risk with guaranteed fill

Monetize your online video assets using our
guaranteed quality ad fill. Our platform automatically
generates incremental ad inventory and provides high quality
fill from a network of premium advertisers.

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Optimized viewing experience
that your viewers will appreciate

Our innovative video ad formats will keep viewers
engaged and on-site while maintaining a great
viewing experience, reducing video-ad churn and lost traffic.

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Keeping you in full control

Secured web-based access for managing your account,
with real time revenue reports and dashboards,
and full control over ad placements, volume and frequency.

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Take the load off your sales
and media management

Top publishers use our platform to maximize
revenue with zero effort, and focus on what
they do best – creating great content.

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