We offer Online Video Publishers a unique monetization platform that generates new ad inventory and maximizes yield and utilization, while keeping viewers engaged and on-site. Join our network and drive ad revenue to the next level, without any effort and at no extra costs.

Zero risk with
guaranteed fill
Monetize your online video assets using our guaranteed quality ad fill. Our platform automatically generates incremental ad inventory and provides high quality fill from a network of premium advertisers.

Effective Ad Formats
Only Artimedia offers unique Ad Formats that overcome banner blindness and provide 10-20x better CTR than standard Display ads. Check our formats gallery and get to know this awesome opportunity.

Optimized viewing experience that your viewers will appreciate
Our innovative video ad formats maintain content intact while keeping viewers engaged and on-site, reducing
viewer churn and traffic drop-off.

Keeping you in Full Control
Manage your account with real time revenue reports and dashboards; and full control over ad placements, volume and frequency.

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