Artimedia provides end-to-end video advertising solutions that help advertisers and publishers to achieve the greatest return on their digital video investments. We combine a premium video ad network with a set of innovative video ad formats, developed with unique video analysis technology. The platform is accessible through a self-service online management interface with targeting, optimization and advanced analysis capabilities for delivering impactful branding and results.

Artimedia offers:




A wealth of premium media inventory

the company has an exclusive access to high-quality video properties of leading publishers across devices.

Innovative advertising formats

a portfolio of innovative content-synchronized formats that enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to deliver integrated video ads that optimize performance, engagement and reach, while maintaining the best user viewing experience.

Self –service management platform

Complete advertising platform combining state-of-the-art video ad serving, easy to use campaign management, and fully-automated performance optimization.

Effective dashboard

Real time reports and analytics to gain deeper insight and improve campaign performance – with full transparency and clarity.