Premium video is going programmatic

Programmatic video buying? Absolutely. Our deep relationships with leading online publishers allow us to program for the right audience in the right video property. Get authentic engagement and high CTR using our tools that build creative brand experiences for online video viewers.

Effective ways to achieve your brand objectives

Artimedia offers the most interactive video ad formats in the industry, which blend ads with video content while keeping viewers engaged and on-site. We use an exclusive Content-Sync video advertising algorithm that uniquely leverages automated and scalable content analysis and delivers the strongest results across online video.

Our current line-up includes:

With EngageRoll you pay only when someone chooses to watch your video-ad, so you don’t waste money advertising to people who aren’t interested in your business.
This unique format leverages the simplicity of display ads and the inherent engaging element of video to drive higher engagement while optimizing viewing experience as never seen before.
One of the most revolutionary formats in the industry, it shows standard overlay ads without obscuring content to maximize engagement.
Using content-analysis technology to identify the best opportunities between video scenes, it introduces mid-roll ad breaks in order to minimize disruption to the viewing experience.
Uniquely combine multiple ads in sequence to create a compelling brand experience. Wraps together a preroll ad followed by multiple ad units (TargetRoll, SmartOverlay), which are guaranteed to be shown to the same viewer.